My favourtie producer of the past year or so is definately BLAWAN (real name Jamie Roberts).
He has had releases on the experimental bass label Hessle Audio and the Belgian, predominantly techno, R&S records.
Bohla is raw and cold, yet playful. It packs a heavy dose of acid over it's intoxicating drum loops. The sound is just insane. It's an older track but I keep listening to it and it always sounds fresh.  Modern techno at it's best.

Blawan Bohla by kevdhutchings

There is no stopping this guys technical ability. He mashes sounds together that shouldn't work, but they do. He samples Brandy on Getting Me Down, a track that came first in Resident Advisor's track's of the year 2011.  It has a a deep garagey groove, chopped with slick r n' b vocals that gives it an original sound.

Blawan - Getting Me Down by Nikolaïevitch