There are a lot of great remixes floating around at the moment and this, from MJ Cole, is no exception.  This track is equally intense, dramatic,blissed out and soulful.  A pulsing beat becomes a platform for Woon's smooth vocals and some dramatic staccato strings.




How on earth can you combine the softly effervescent tones of Lana Del Ray and the sheer energy of raps hottest property?  Simms&Belle have nailed this, even if it is a bit electro by numbers.  Blue Jeans quickly becomes a side-note for Banks to lay down a fresh to the death verse.  Her effortless drawl and ability to own a beat turns this track into something far more than an electro-pop remix.  Simms&Belle are a new outfit by the way, made up of members of indie band Foster The People, but I'd really like someone else to take the lead with this, it's a combination that really works.

Jessie Ware 110%

An absolute gorgeous love song from Jessie Ware produced by Julio Bashmore. Smooth tones, amazing vocals, just...wow.



A-track sure knows how to nail a remix.  This time it's French electro wizard Surkin getting a make-over.  This track features on the Surkin's USA Club Remix album and has an 80's vibe, big synths, and a heavy bass.  A quirky electro banger with A-class production.



Every Friday, or possibly another day (it's a surprise),  I'll be posting up a couple of tracks that have stopped me in my tracks and have been played to death on my playlist's.  Today is a bit of a house tinged selection.

First up the Disclosure remix of Jessie Ware's new single Running has been causing a storm.  The original, produced by Julio Bashmore, is a deep, dark affair with excellent production and vocals from Ware.  This remix however (currently released on 12'' via PMR records), ups the energy with a deep house vibe, and instantly gets heads nodding as Ware's vocals are chopped and caressed in equal measure.  I wasn't too familiar with Disclosure, but they have some seriously good productions under their belt and have an effortlessly cool sound.

Next up, I can't get enough of the MK remix of Storm Queen's 2010 top-seller Look Right Through.  This was released in Feb on Defected records as part of a second instalment of releases of this track, which also features Dimitri from Paris and Aeroplane.  It's the MK (aka house legend Marc Kinchen) that really hits the right notes with me though with it's old school sound.

And just one more for the road, Mark Knight's latest installment on his Toolroom records Alright, is also tinged with an old school feel and is pure dance-floor magic!



With Let it go (hypercolour), Huxley reminded us why simple, well made house music can be so spectacular.  With it's thick descending bass-line, its crisp garage inspired beats and inspired Boys II Men sample, Huxley created an anthem that gets more shatteringly addictive on every listen, and quite simply should never end, ever.  This guy is going to be everywhere in 2012, with his Out of the Box EP due to drop in may and already getting tons of great feedback on soundcloud.

He has recently recorded a FACT mix, which is a journey through quality house music still available here.

Huxley - Let It Go (Original Mix) [Hypercolour] 
The film in the video is called Cafe flesh and is a pornographic science-fiction film.  It looks shit.


RackNRuin April Radio 1 Mix

One of the most exciting UK bass labels at the moment has got to be Black Butter Records. Based in London, the label features the cream of current nu-jungle, dubstep and bass artists such as Cinematic, Woz and RackNRuin aka Matt Scott.  Check out rackNruin’s already classic Soundclash ft dubstep vocalist of choice Jessie Ware, a track that has gone some way to creating nu-jungle. 

This sound takes its cue from 90’s jungle but slows it, chops in some sub-bass, garage, electro or in Soundclash's case a tasty organ lick and some garage influenced breaks.  Also crucial to this sound is Warrior One's Fyah (released on Black Butter).  Check out the soundcloud for a load of free downloads, updates and mixes.  This is a seriously exciting label. RackNRuin recently did a BBC mix for Annie Nightingale which showcases some serious riddims including his recent collaboration with Foamo, Gorgon City.  Track listing is below.

1. Adiyam & Lady Chann — Darkness (RackNRuin’s Darker Mix) 2. Foamo — Sherlock 3. Sway Sway — Level Up (Fake Blood Remix) 4. DJ Zinc — Juicy Fruit 5. The Milk — Broke Up The Family (RackNRuin vs Hostage Remix) 6. Gorgon City — The Truth ft. Janai 7. Rudimental — Deep In The Valley (Woz Remix) 8. Gorgon City — Odyssey 9. Wiley — Skankin (The 2 Bears Remix) 10. Subfocus — Out Of The Blue (XXXY Remix) 11. Gorgon City — The Crypt ft. Navigator & Rubi Dan 12. RackNRuin — Slow Down 13. 14th — Take Me There (RackNRuin Remix)