A Brit Shit

I caught some of the bumbling spectacle that is the Brit Awards 2012 last night.  I usually try to avoid it due to it making me slightly embarrased somehow.  Perhaps it's that national treasure James Cordon bumbling his way around the tables trying not to slip over his own hilarious quips.  Ew. 
Perhaps it's the tediousness of the same old tired format or the annual Brian May appearance. For no real reason, he just appears.  However, it's hard not to at least flick once or twice just out of a knowing curiosity.  You know it's going to be shit, but you just want confirmation so you can chuckle to yourself, tweet that it's shit and everyone watching is a moron, turn off and start listening to obscure minimal in the dark again. 
Be that as it Brian May, it was nice to see Adele accept her 300th award for the best selling and oldest album of all time, 21.  The most interesting moment, her acceptance speech, was cut short by the Blur tribute band.  Was that really Blur?  Wait, really?  Wow, the closing ceremony of the Olympics really is going to be one big Brit(pop, leave it in the past yeah) spectacle isn't it? 
Graham Coxon is still cool though.
Just because Adele does keep it real (you saw her inquire into George Michael's ear, 'R U BETAA?'), and this remix is near on perfect.
Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Jamie XX Remix) by ImaCrea
I noticed James Blake got a nom in some category he was never going to win and, whilst I wasn't totally blown away by his album (maybe it's still growing on me), his early releases still sound so so good. In 2010 R&S released the CMYK EP, a genius balance of 90's R&B samples, digital percussion, and soul. Android soul.
James Blake - CMYK by takemetothevineyard



British hip-hop crew LDZ, aka London Zoo, are giving away for FREE the Catfood LP.  These guys have serious cred with a bunch of releases dating back to 2002 on various labels including Dented Records. 

I've not heard of them before now but this is such a great give-away and not just a bunch of shit out-takes.  It blends intelligent, honest, funny, aggy lyrics over dancehall, dubstep and minimal beats.  It features guest MC's like Stig of the Dump and Verbal and overall has a great vibe.  Download this.



My favourtie producer of the past year or so is definately BLAWAN (real name Jamie Roberts).
He has had releases on the experimental bass label Hessle Audio and the Belgian, predominantly techno, R&S records.
Bohla is raw and cold, yet playful. It packs a heavy dose of acid over it's intoxicating drum loops. The sound is just insane. It's an older track but I keep listening to it and it always sounds fresh.  Modern techno at it's best.

Blawan Bohla by kevdhutchings

There is no stopping this guys technical ability. He mashes sounds together that shouldn't work, but they do. He samples Brandy on Getting Me Down, a track that came first in Resident Advisor's track's of the year 2011.  It has a a deep garagey groove, chopped with slick r n' b vocals that gives it an original sound.

Blawan - Getting Me Down by Nikolaïevitch