'Entrance Song' was last years breakthrough track from Bristolian Eats Everything, aka Daniel Pearce.  It also went a long way to sum up the sound of 2011 as a whole; 90s throwback vibes, deep and tunnelling house and pummelling bass to shake your speakers.  He has had solid releases on the brilliant Dirtybird label and a series of excellent remixes, notably his deep rework of Huxley's 'Let it Go'.  This is his follow up for the Catz and Dogz label PETS Recordings, notable for being his first release on the label since 'Entrance Song' and the first track instantly feels quite similar, and not far off from Huxley's style of house either; heavily distorted and chopped vocals, a huge dollop of a bass-line, and a quality dose of Detroit 4/4.
The second track is all of Eats Everything, a reverberating bass and massive hi-hats that cement a classic, stripped house sound.  But wait, this breaks down; atmospheric drones, mechanised d n' b breaks, a heavy old-skool snare.  The track just completely breaks down and chills the fuck out, then brings it back deeper!  Wow.
Out 28th May.