I've been away.

I went on holiday to Bulgaria, which has a killer drink called Rakia, kind of like Brandy.  You drink it with a glass of water or lemonade; it's addictive and gets you smashed.  Bulgaria is weird, kind of western, kind of cheesy, but beautiful, and the people are lovely.  I've been away from computer's, watching the Euro's, working, reading and listening to old stuff in my car, not a lot of new. 
This new track from Tony Blitz, one quarter of the DJ/production outfit C.R.S.T has caught my attention though.  It's got a soul snippet vocal, a lovely 4/4 with a twist of bass n' step.  Hope it gets released.

Eats Everything.  An incredible producer doing special things all the time (check out the Jagged Elbow EP out now) has offered up this FREE DOWNLOAD.  It's a re-work of a 2011 track from Switch featuring the incredible vocals of Andrea Martin.  Incredible goosebump inducing stuff.  Check out the original BBC Radio 1 essential mix that Eat's did, where this track first appeared.  It's a killer.

Eats Everything – Entrance Song (Remix) [Dirty Bird]
Murk – Amame (Eats Everything QI Rebeef)
Catz & Dogz – Jon Bovi [Dirtybird]
Waifs & Strays – Yeah Yeah (Eats Everything Rebeef)
Shadow Child – String Thing
Eats Everything & Worthy – The Lost
Justin Martin & Ardalan – Lezgo (Acapella) [Dirtybird]
Viadrina – Luna (Coat Of Arms Rework) [Your Mamas Friend]
Clapz II Dogz – Ripgroove (Eats Everything? Like The Original Rebeef)
Freestyle – The Party Has Begun [Jam Packed Records]
Freestylers – Don?t Stop [Freskanova]
Green Velvet – Millie Vanillie [Relief Records]
Subjekt – Dunky Frummer (Eats Everything Rebeef)
Riva Starr – Jump (Martin Brothers Remix)
Eats Everything & Worthy Vs Switch – I Still Love Tric Trac
Coat of Arms – Is This Something (Eats Everything Crunky Rebeef)
Krysko – Can?t Handle It [Peaches]
Mosca – Bax [Numbers]
Butch – Amelie (Format B Remix) [Great Stuff Recordings]
Eats Everything – Entrance Song (Eats Special Edit)
Crazy P – Beatbox (Breach Remix)
Coat of Arms – What You Need
French Fries – Yo Vogue
Adam F – Circles (Eats Everything Rework)
Switch – This Is Sick (Eats Everything Rework)
Huxley – Let It Go (Eats Everything Reprise)
Justin Martin – Kemistry [Dirtybird]