Special Request Lolita release
Special Request is house/techno Ibiza veteran Paul Woolford's new alias.  Taking inspiration from pirate radio and jungle, this is the second 12 inch, vinyl only, release due from the project.  In 2011 Woolford gave us some techno inspired releases on Scuba's Hotflush label and the incredible T William's Heartbeat remix.  Now, Woolford has sidestepped into ambient-jungle-hardcore, remixing a Rick Rubin produced track as Special Request.  The use of the Lana Del Ray sample over the dark jungle-hardcore sound is mesmerising.  The second track throws in a deadly 90's hardcore Belgian hoover over some nasty broken beats and some funked up bass.  The results are equally nostalgic and fresh sounding, and pretty astounding.
An album is in the pipeline.
SPECREQ003 vinyl in stores soon.

Sebastiano Sedda & Phil D'Bit are an Italian house-tech duo who found a creative kinship around the age of 15, started running all the club nights in their native Verona by their 20's, and have also had an E.P released on Riva Starr's Snatch! label.  The duo's latest release is on the very fresh Erase Records, and could roughly be described as clinking, playful and irregular shaped techno, with a pulsing house soul. 

Angel Haze is the latest female rapper to be compared to other female rappers, purely because she raps, and has a vagina.  Truth is, Angel Haze doesn't need sexuality to make a mark in a male dominated world; she's more Drake, than Minaj or Banks.  It's simply her fierce and frightening ability, her almost sinister New York drawl, knack for twisted syllable defying dark poetry and an unrelenting ambition that sets her head and shoulders above the rest.  And I'm not just talking about the women.  She knows it too; her youtube channel has the tag, 'Subscribe, idiot'.  You can forgive her if she sounds a bit rude; she really is that good. 
Check out fellow Gil Scott-Heron sampler JamieXX doing his thing all over radio 1 favourite, New York

The video for Werkin' Girls is genuinely creepy, and looks how your worst nightmare on bad drugs would feel.  It's a perfect representation however of the sinister energy of the song: sparse, cold and a brilliantly bad trip.

Download the free Reservation mixtape HERE.