Blawan and Pariah, aka Karenn, truly are a colossal force.  A series of pummelling, atmospheric techno releases on their own SHEWORKS (the long nights) label have cemented Karenn as a key player in the UK techno scene, and not just a side-project.  The regimented title of fourth E.P, SHEWORKS004, the vinyl only releases and the self-releases on the SHEWORKS label are somewhat of a mission statement, echoing early Detroit records.  Tracks such as Clean It Up and Nicotine Window Netting are exhilarating; unrelenting and rhythmically abrasive tracks that shake you to the very core.  Elsewhere the shuffling textures of Sailing Solvents and Wideyed are reminiscent of a very techno sounding Burial.  Lifesbleach, another abstract title, is a mutated acid trip.  Karenn are a dose of everything intrinsically brilliant about techno.

Karenn-Pariah(left) & Blawan