1. HUXLEY - Let It Go

Released 13th February.  Hypercolour.

There's a lot to be said about simplicity in dance music.  On Let It Go, Huxley starts with a rolling, garage infused beat, a looped Boys2Men vocal (Huxley speeds up the Rn'B groups track, Can't Let Her Go) and a stunningly simple, yet staggeringly effective bassline.  It's when Huxley throws in a dual bassline, a joyous melodic synthy stab, on top of the deep groove that the track becomes magic.  The soulful vocal has a hypnotising effect; it's ridiculously catchy, yet effortlessly cool. I've read that this track was too commercial for some, but for me it should have crossed over even more so.  This is where British house music was in 2012 and, for me, this track wasn't topped.  Jus sayin'.


2. BARESKIN - Eyes

Released 22nd October. Hypercolour.
Another Hypercolour highlight from young producer, Joshua Thompson who produced a touch of techno-bass magic with Eyes.  The track has an acid bassline which toys with you for a while before dropping a sleek, melodic vocal.  It's a solid house shuffle, but it also fuses in some dark techno vibes.  A young talent to watch for 2013.


Released 1st July. Broadwalk Records.

Au Seve is a track that did a fair bit of crossing over;  the hi-hat shuffle is instantly recognisable and enough in itself to induce pandemonium on the dancefloor.  There's an echo in parts of the track that sound so spaced out and distant, as if someone was shaking a snare drum in the background, yet the groove is so simple and fun, it sounds warm and loved up.  What a tune.

4. DRUMS OF DEATH - Let No Shadow Fall Upon You

Released 15th June.  Civil Music.

Old school vocal.  Breakbeats.  Piano Stabs.  Huge punishing techno thrown in for good measure?  Yeah, why the fuck not?  Here's to Drums of Death for producing a track that ticks all my boxes.  As does the ghoulish one's Blue Waves EP, which is pure throwback HEAVEN.

Blue Waves EP


Released 22nd May.  Dirtybird

Although The Gurner has had some quality re-works on the Ghettos and Gardens remix packages, it's still the original that does the business.  Deep, funky, senusal and soulful; this is a highlight from the album, and a really great song!

6.  Jessie Ware -110%
7. Mosca - Eva Mendes
8. Ejeca - Horizon
9. Breach - You Won't Find Love Again
10. Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?

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